About Us


Khola Farhan is a leading South Asian fashion house established in 2000. The focus is on modern Pakistani Bridal and occasion wear laden with global appeal. While history and culture are starting points, tradition is approached with a renewed outlook to give every collection present day relevance.

The quintessential #KFGirl is well travelled, individualistic and fashion forward. She is rooted but isn’t afraid to venture beyond boundaries. So, the hallmark for Khola Farhan ensemble is easy transition from traditional to non-traditional setting. The brand’s signature aesthetic is contemporary and minimalistic, with a vintage heart. The emphasis has always been wearability, comfort, value for money and effortless impact.


Khola Farhan grew up in an environment steeped in Fine Arts, Fashion and self-differentiation. Creative thinking is an essential component of her upbringing. Born in Lahore, Khola Farhan was drawn to sketching and designing from an early age. She further honed her skills by graduating in Fine Arts from The University of Punjab and later from London College of Contemporary Arts. Khola Farhan is an industry innovator focused on building brand that is accessible, relevant and forward thinking.

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